Cleaning the planet of
electrical pollution
one home at a time

An engineering solution
to an engineering problem

Medically proven to reduce
headaches, body aches,
tinnitus, chronic fatigue, ADD,
dizziness, impaired sleep,
memory loss, confusion…

Electrical pollution is
invisible but very real

It is affecting the health
millions worldwide

The only product
of its type in the world

Electrically hypersensitive
people are like canaries in a
coal mine, alerting everyone
to the invisible dangers of
electrical pollution

The dirty electricity plague

Bigger than the
cigarette smoking issue and
asbestos crisis combined

electrical pollution
to create a liveable,
bio-friendly environment

Products That Help You Tackle The Effects Of Exposure To Dirty Electricty

STETZERiZER Filters for Home, School and Office

STETZERiZER Filters (Graham-Stetzer Filters) use existing and proven SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY to INSTANTLY IMPROVE power quality in your home, office and school and REDUCE THE IMPACT of "dirty electricity" on your HEALTH.

Filter Description

The STETZERiZER Filter (Graham-Stetzer Filter)

The STETZERiZER Filter (Graham-Stetzer Filter) is based on 100 year-old electromagnetic theories applied and engineered for modern use. Just as we protect our electronic equipment with surge suppressors, the STETZERiZER Filters are designed to reduce the amplitude of micro-surges on indoor wiring.

They prove most effective within the 4kHz to 100kHz frequency range. By reducing the intensity of these high frequency micro-surges the Filters effectively diminishes the amount of electrical pollution in your environment

The STETZERiZER Filters fit into a normal home, school or office electrical outlet. They have been CE approved as safe for these environments. These unique Filters may be safely installed by anyone. Thanks to its straightforward functionality it has an extensive life-span.

Want more information? You can view and download the STETZERiZER Products brochure:

The brochure will be available in more languages shortly.

Filter Specifications

  • Works for 50Hz/240 Volt European systems
  • EU Filter dimensions are 49mm x 58mm x 130mm
  • UK Filter dimensions are 55mm x 58mm x 130mm
  • Open electrical plug through socket on front of Filter
  • Fits into a normal mains electrical outlet in any home, school or office
  • Encased in an off-white plastic covering that fits naturally with modern, indoor décor
  • European CE compliance (2008) by Specialised Technology Resources (UK) Ltd.

Recommended usage

To help protect against the negative effects of dirty electricity it is recommended that the average European home install 15 STETZERiZER Filters. Some large homes or buildings may require additional boxes of Filters. To ensure optimum performance of the Filters the STETZERiZER Microsurge Meter is highly recommended to monitor the effectiveness of the Filter arrangement.

Please note that the sensitivity to the effects of dirty electricity varies from person to person. Experience has shown that additional Filters should definitely be added for Meter readings above 30. For readings above 20 more benefits are probable when additional Filters are added.

Depending on your locale, consultations may be available to measure the amount of electrical pollution in your home, school or office. Please contact your dealer for more information.

For more information on the Filters please view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or download the following documents:

These documents will be available in more languages shortly.

STETZERiZER Microsurge Meter

The STETZERiZER Microsurge Meter

The STETZERiZER Microsurge Meter was specifically designed as a companion to the STETZERiZER Filters. The Meter measures the level of harmful electromagnetic energy present. Its primary use is as a guide to effective Filter installation.

Microsurge Meters are low cost, robust, and easy to use by non-technical people. The Meters were designed to measure harmonics and other high frequency energy present within the 4kHz to 100kHz frequency range. These are the frequencies most detrimental to human health. The Meters effectively ignore the effects of 50/60Hz power and other lower, less harmful frequencies. Specifically, the Meter measures the average magnitude of the changing voltage as a function of time (dV/dt). This naturally emphasises transients and other high frequency phenomena that change rapidly with time. The measurements of dV/dt read by the Meter are defined as GS (Graham-Stetzer) units as no standard term is available. The GS units are effectively a measure of 'harmful electromagnetic energy' or 'dirty electricity'.

Microsurge Meter Specifications

  • 69mm x 27mm x 110mm
  • Encased in an off-white plastic covering that fits naturally with home or office décor
  • Simply plugs into a normal electrical outlet for use

For more information on the Microsurge Meters please view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or download the following documents:

These documents will be available in more languages shortly.

Typical Installation Steps

For each of the 15 Filters in the pack:

Filter Installation step 1 Filter Installation Step 2 Filter Installation Step 3
Step 1: Check reading Step 2: Install Filter Step 3: Re-check reading

You can view and download the Filter Installation Instructions:

The Installation Instructions will be available in more languages shortly.

Need more proof about Electrical Pollution before you purchase your STETZERiZER Filters?


  • Insightful new article on “Dirty Electricity” from Family Matters magazine.
  • a free chapter from the book SILENT FIELDS by author and Australian community activist Donna Fisher.

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Test Your Environment!

Buy your own Microsurge Meter and aware yourself of the extremely low frequency (ELF) fields present in your environment.

The STETZERiZER Microsurge Meter

Picture of a STETZERiZER filter

Electro-magnetic hypersensitivity symptoms

It must be made clear that Filters do not profess to be a panacea for people who are affected or suffer from any of the health issues.

However, the research indicates that there has been substantial improvement in the quality of life of those people who are sensitive to excessive levels of electromagnetic radiation energy.

Symptoms of (radiation) radio wave sickness first documented among radar workers during the Second World War resemble those now associated with electromagnetic hypersensitivity and include:

  • Neurological
    headaches, nausea, lack of concentration, irritability, fatigue, insomnia, muscle and joint pain, muscle spasms
  • Cardiac
    palpitations, arrhythmia, low or high blood pressure, shortness of breath
  • Respiratory
    sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma
  • Dermatological
    skin rash, itching, burning, facial flushing
  • Ophthalmological
    pain or burning in eyes, pressure in or behind eyes, deteriorating vision, floaters, cataracts
  • Others
    digestive problems, dehydration, immune abnormalities, pain in teeth

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Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Since we installed the filters I've noticed my sleep is deeper and I dream much more, the nagging pain in my shoulder has disappeared and my wife's knee pain has improved significantly.”
Christopher, London, ON.

“We have 2 Autistic children ages 5 and 3. On January 14 2008 we put Stetzerizer filters in our home. Well, we noticed the kids are calmer and happier. Our 5 year old that wakes up every night, now sleeps through the night. She also falls asleep in about 15 minutes, before the filters it would take her a hour or so fall asleep. Our 3 year old has been also using more words and having less tantrums.
“My husband and I would recommend the filters to anyone that cares about their health. I also have been sleeping better, before the filters, I was waking up at 3 am and then getting about 3/4 of a hour sleep for the rest of the night. The pain in my hands and arms is also getting better. We just started using the filters, right away we noticed a difference in our kids.”
Shannon, Salt Spring Island, BC

“The volume of the 'bee hive' (sound) increased, but strangely disappeared when I went for a week away from home! When we received the test kit, we realized that the house's wiring was very 'dirty.' After installing the filters the buzzing in my ears is very slight now.”
Mary, Calgary, AB.

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