The STETZERiZER GS-F240-EF Filter by Graham and Stetzer is designed to be plugged into any conventional domestic and commercial building electrical wiring power outlet to remove undesirable electromagnetic (EM) radiation from extremely low frequency (ELF) voltages caused by transients and harmonics on the building wiring.

These voltages, which are variable according to the different types of installed electrical equipment and power loads, are present on the indoor electrical wiring of every domestic house and commercial building.

 Microsurge Meter

The use of the STETZERiZER GS-M300-EU Microsurge Meter is necessary for the initial Filters installation and monitoring the levels of these extremely low frequency (ELF) voltages from time to time is also recommended.

 Product & Performance

After installation, drastic change in Meter readings assures the direct impact of the Filters' installation, stabilises the effects of extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic (EM) fields and proves immediately the enhanced and improved change in the environment.

The effect of such change has a direct influence on long-term health benefits.
For further information on personal care and health benefits see our Health page.

Oscilloscope recordings before and after STETZERiZER Filters installation:

Need more proof about Electrical Pollution before you purchase your STETZERiZER Filters?


  • Insightful new article on “Dirty Electricity” from Family Matters magazine.
  • a free chapter from the book SILENT FIELDS by author and Australian community activist Donna Fisher.

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The STETZERiZER Microsurge Meter

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